Resources/Help Center

American Academy of Family Medicine
Helpful information about your health for the whole family

American Academy of Pediatrics
Dedicated to the health of all children

Cholesterol Information
A website designed to help you understand and better control your cholesterol. There are helpful printable resources as well as guides to good eating

Mayo Clinic
Excellent website for general information on many disease states

Mesothelioma Guide
A website designed to build awareness and understanding of the rare cancer Mesothelioma, providing information and support

Cardio Connections
Excellent patient oriented website that deals with the major cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol disorders, heart failure, etc. Also DASH diet information for those individuals with heart related disease.

Centers for Disease Control – Vaccines and Immunizations
Helpful site that lists children and adult vaccination schedules

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Travel Section
Travel site with advice for travelers all over the world.

American Diabetes Association
An excellent site for information about diabetes and to help with the management of diabetes.

American Heart Association
An excellent site for information about heart disease and strokes.

Choose My Plate
USDA website dedicated to teaching you about the food pyramid and healthy nutrition

American Dietetic Association
A link to nutrition information and advice about a healthy lifestyle.

National Cancer Institute
Information on all types of cancers, their diagnosis, treatment, and symptoms.

Mesothelioma Group
Information on Mesothelioma, treatment options, and help.

American Childhood Cancer Organization®
The American Childhood Cancer Organization® is the largest publisher and distributor of free childhood cancer books in the country, and an importation resource for getting facts and information about childhood cancers.

Mesothelioma Support for You and Your Family – Education. Treatment. Legal Advice. Hope.

Mesothelioma Justice Network
Information on Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma cancer risks

Bad Food Recall
Stay up-to-date on the latest news related to the foods you and your family purchase.